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  More than 40 killed in dust storm in N. India
  Indian capital experiences record high temperat...
  Thailand flood death toll rises as rains ease
  Warm Water Causes Extra-Cold Winters in Northea...
  Flash flood alert as thunderstorms hit southern...
  Drought conditions in Europe 2011
  Flash flood in Serbia threatens 1,000 homes
  March was the driest for 40 years
  Chile ash cloud delays more flights on two cont...
  Haiti flooding kills at least 23 people
  Worst flood hits northern Brazil
  Storm death toll in America rose to at least 128
  Chile ash cloud delays more flights on two cont...
  Cuba faces its worst drought for 50 years
  1.5 million people hit by floods in Africa
  Flood claims 48 lives, displaces 35,000 persons...
  Australia's burping cows more climate friendly ...
  Heavy rain leaves Australia's towns isolated
  300 residents in Australia evacuate as floodwat...
  Fijians urged to take heed of early flood warni...


  Summer power shortage warning
  Warmer weather ... and insects awaken
  East China wheat basket braces for worst drough...
  New freeze to disrupt coastal shipping
  The downpour first hit parts of the province an...
  Storm pounds SW China tourist city
  Drought leaves 190,000 short of water in SW China
  Snow hits NW China's Hami, causing traffic jam
  Flash flood recedes from inundated S.China town
  Rain-triggered floods, landslides kill 105
  New round of heavy rain hits the south
  S. China to strengthen monitoring of rainy weat...
  Thunderstorm hits Beijing
  Drought affects 35 million in southern China, n...
  Drought leaves nearly 1,400 reservoirs 'dead'
  Efforts afoot to prevent pollution from sandstorms
  Heavy rain submerges parts of C. China city
  Severe drought saps power output
  Big freeze affects holiday rush
  Heavy fog shrouds central, east Chin