Wang Yang and Zheng Guoguang discussed the meteorological modernization of Guangdong province
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Today, Mr. Wang Yang, member of Political Bureau of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the CPC, and Mr. Zhu Xiaodan, Governor of Guangdong province, met with Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) in Beijing. They exchanged views on the meteorological modernization in Guangdong. The meeting was attended by Vice Governor of Guangdong Liu Kun, and Deputy Administrators of Xu Xiaofeng, Yu Rucong, Shen Xiaonong and Yu Xinwen.

Wang Yang expressed gratitude for the long term support of CMA with the meteorological forecast and disaster mitigation of Guangdong province. He pointed out that Guangdong was a province that was frequently affected by disastrous weather. It was very important to enhance forecast level and reduce loss induced by disastrous weather to a maximum extent against the backdrop of growing economy and high demand of the general public. He stressed that the Guangdong provincial government attached great importance to the meteorology work and hoped to jointly improve the meteorological modernization work in the province. 

Zhu Xiaodan expressed that Guangdong would seriously implement the cooperative memorandum on stepping up pilot province of meteorological modernization. He hoped to jointly publish standardization system, and give mutual support for science & technology innovation and talent team building to enhance the modernization level of meteorology.

Zheng Guoguang extended thanks for the care and support of the Guangdong government. In order to realize the meteorological modernization in 2020, CMA put Guangdong province as one of the pilot provinces. He hoped both sides to jointly promote the modernization work and give fund, technology and talent supports. The modernization work of Guangdong should play a leading role in the country and better serve the economic-social development of the province. He pointed out that the concept of Happy Guangdong should be integrated into the meteorological service and the practice of modernization work. 

Accompanied by Zheng Guoguang, Wang Yang and Zhu Xiaodan visited the National Satellite Meteorological Center and National Meteorological Center. (Mar. 12) 
Reporter He Mengjie and Sun Nan
Editor Zhang Yong 


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