CMA and National Tourism Administration strengthen cooperation

Source:China Meteorological News Press

Today, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and National Tourism Administration (NTA) held a working meeting to promote the meteorological service for tourism.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA; Mrs. Jiao Meiyan, Deputy Administrator of CMA; Mr. Shao Qiwei, Administrator of NTA; and Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Deputy Administrator of NTA.

At the meeting, Zheng Guoguang pointed out that all levels of meteorological departments should strengthen infrastructure capability construction of tourism meteorology, the construction of public service system for tourism meteorology, enhance the refinement and pertinent of tourism meteorological products, and strengthen the utility of tourism climate resources. He emphasized to deepen bilateral cooperation in the construction of observation network, warning release tools, standards, the survey, regionalization and assessment of meteorological disaster risk in major tourist sites, and the technological innovation of disaster mitigation and climate utility.

Shao Qiwei hoped to step up construction of meteorological observation system in tourist sites, jointly carry out the forecasts of special meteorological landscape and meteorological index for tourism, and meteorological disaster risk assessment. He also expressed to strengthen the monitor and forecast for tourist cities, major tourist sites, and transport lines as well as effective means to issue weather information such as internet, TV, broadcast, and text message.

In 2010, CMA and NTA signed a cooperative framework to jointly enhance the meteorological service capability for tourism. Since then, both sides have established effective joint observation, information sharing, joint research & development, and exchange mechanism contributing greatly to the development of Chinas tourism. According to an investigation, the contributing rate of meteorological service to tourism in China is 0.59%, bringing benefit about 7.4 billion Yuan. (Feb. 17) 
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