CMA starts research on persistently abnormal weather
来源:China Meteorological News Press     发布时间: 2012年03月21日 10:09:00

Yesterday, a national key research programme on abnormal weather has been stared up at China Meteorological Administration (CMA) in Beijing.

Aiming at exploring the forming mechanism of persistently major abnormal weather and extend the forecasting term, the programme has gathered a few institutes, which is led by Chinese Meteorological Sciences, and participated by Nanjing University, Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu University of Information Technology, National Meteorological Center, National Climate Center, Chengdu Institute of Plateau Meteorology, Wuhan Institute of Heavy rain, Guangzhou Tropical Marine Institute and others.

Through the comprehensive analysis and research on cases in last five years, the programme expects to establish the interactively physic model of multi-scale weather system that produces persistently major abnormal weather, and explain the effects of interaction between sea, land, and atmosphere and underlying surface with abnormal weather, especially the physically effective mechanism of Tibet Plateau on persistent heavy rainfall. Besides that, the programme will develop the forecast theory of heavy rainfall, based on dynamics and statistics. (Mar. 21)
Reporter Zheng Fei
Editor Zhang Yong 

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