CMA starts meteorological service for grassland fire of spring

Source:China Meteorological News Press

Annual March 15 to June 15 is the period of forest fire prevention. Wu Hao, the vice-director of CMA Public Weather Service Center tells the reporter meteorological office has checked the business process of grassland fire to ensure system operate well. Meanwhile, the whole forecasters should keep sensitivity of service, pay close attention to the fire and weather change of national grassland, provide the powerful reference to the related departments and supply warning & forecasting service for the public. On Mar.15, the Central Meteorological Office issued the first forecast of grassland fire of spring, 2012.

According to the Grassland Fire Prevention Regulation, the governing bodies of CMA should  issue the forecast for weather grade of grassland timely, make meteorological monitoring and forecasting well, supply the meteorological information to local government, and carry out the artificial precipitation at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, the competent departments of fire prevention above the countys governments and governing bodies of meteorological sectors had better build the forecast and warning system for grassland fire.(Mar.20)

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