Activities held nationwide to mark World Meteorological Day
来源:China Meteorological News Press     发布时间: 2012年03月19日 15:27:00

To mark the World Meteorological Day 2012, the meteorological departments in China carried out all kinds of activities such as opening for visiting, publicity of meteorological science, and others.

On March 17, in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, pupils touch an electronic screen to learn weather knowledge. 

On March 18, the 10th session of the “Entering the Spring of Science Popularization” was started in Beijing South Suburb Meteorological Observatory.

On March 18, students from a junior middle school visited an exhibition in Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Bureau. To mark the WMD, the meteorological departments opened up and held exhibitions such as meteorological equipment, observation devices and weather modification.


On March 17, about 100 students came to Hebei Provincial Meteorological Bureau to visit the meteorological work.
Editor Zhang Yong

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