Rain will sustain in southern China

Source:China Meteorological News Press

The recent weather condition of China is complex full of cold wave, heavy fog, rain and snow. Traffic of some places has been impacted. It is forecasted that from tonight to next daytime, heavy fog and cold wave will leave northern China. However, from tomorrow, another cold wave will begin to influence northern China. As for southern China, rain will sustain. Some places will get rainstorm.


Cold wave warning has been relieved. But the influence of cold air has not totally faded. Cold air will help disperse heavy fog.


Calm weather will not last for a long time. From tomorrow to March 21, some new cold air will began to influence most places of Xinjiang and east part of Northwest China. From March 22, cold air will move east and influence most places of central and eastern China. People in the northern places should make preparation for keeping warm. (Mar 19)

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