CMA opens to celebrate the World Meteorological Day after snowfall
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From evening yesterday to this morning, an obvious rain and snow hit Beijing. The rainfall focused on evening and the early night and change to snow in midnight.

Today, Beijing is sunny. Meanwhile, to celebrate the annual World Meteorological Day (WMD), China Meteorological Administration (CMA) is open to the public. The sunshine and the landscape of snow added colorful and romantic atmosphere for the open activies.(Mar.18)


CMA is open to the public to celebrate the World Meteorological Day.  (Photo by Chen Lei)


The theme of WMD is weather, climate and water. (Photo by Chen Lei)

The landscape of snow added a romantic atmosphere. (Photo by Chen Lei)

Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA is accepting the reporters' interview.(Photo by Zhuang Baiyu)

Xu Xiaofeng, Deputy Administrator of CMA comes the Huafeng Group of Meteorological Audio & Video Information to guide work.(Photo by Gao Lin)

The volunteers provide free advice for the public. (Photo by Chen Lei)

The volunteers provide free advice for the public. (Photo by Gao Lin)

The primary and secondary students visit National Satellite Meteorological Center. (Photo by Gu Yanjie)

The students take the scientific materials.  (Photo by Gu Yanjie)

The reporter of China Meteorological New Press talked with a visitor.  (Photo by Gu Yanjie)

The worker from China Meteorological News Press introduce and give China Meteorological News to the visitors. (Photo by Xu Wenbin)

The gradute students from Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science carry out the meteorological science popularization at the door of Beijing Zoo. (Photo by Qin Zhen)

The gradute students appeal the public to take care of the enviroments. (Photo by Qin Zhen)



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