Message of Zheng Guoguang on World Meteorological Day 2012
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Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration


This March 23 is the 52nd World Meteorological Day whose theme is "Powering Our Future with Weather, Climate and Water". This theme demonstrates that people have understood the important role of weather, climate and water in human being's future. In our sustainable development practice, all the countries should join together to help more and more sensitive weather, climate and water resources to drive future development and find out solutions to solve the problems in the present human being's development.

As an important part of natural environment and resources, weather and climate are important for people's production and life. Weather has close relation with our life and has always caught our attention. Colorful material and intellectual civilizations come from changes of climate and resource environment. Water is source of life and one of the most important resources for human being's sustainable survival and healthy life. We take powers for weather, climate and water to power our growth as well as experience difficulties brought by them: about 90% natural disasters are linked with weather, climate and water.

Our thousands of years' history includes people's creations in developing and using weather, climate and water resources and the struggles with disastrous weather and extreme weather and climate events. In ancient China, people worked hard to fight against meteorological disasters and make use of climate resources. The climate of the earth is quite complex. In the backdrop of global climate change, typhoon, rainstorm, flood, drought and heat hit more and more frequently. Weather and climate are becoming more and more complex and changeable. It is harder and harder for us to prevent the climate change and weather disasters which cause great losses for the society and individual. Therefore, the relevant problems restrict the sustainable socio-economic development. "Water resources crisis" caused by climate change and people's activities are influencing the whole world. Meanwhile, climate change also threatens food security, ecological satety, infrastructure, people's health and urban development.

Weather, climate and water are the valuable resources. In a sense, frequent disastrous weather and survival crisis which human faces confirm the value of the resources and warn people to treasure natural resources.

Idea decides fate, action creates future. We should aware acutely that human not only develop the revolution on the way of production and life, but also change the manner of thinking and development. "Powering Our Future with weather, climate and water" reminds people should face the future from overall interests and change habitual ideas and manner of thinking to find the hope from crisis.  People should attach great importance to and enhance the disaster prevention, reduce the human being's fragility addressing to the severe weather, try hard to slow down and adapt the tendency of global warming. Meanwhile, people also had better boost the sustainable development, utilization and protection of weather, climate and water.

The scientific & technical force which people master is one of the powerful force to realize the goals. The vast meteorological scientific & technical workers should promote the progress of science and technology and utilize the knowledge effectively, enhance the scientific cognition to the discipline of weather, climate & water, forecast the change of weather and climate, development and utilize the resources of climate & water and addressing to the climate change. Furthermore, the meteorological workers had better to enhance the capabilities of using the weather, climate and water to improve level of human being's production and life.

The meteorological workers have made persistent efforts and achieved notable progress. Based on the advanced observation tools of automatic meteorological observation system, radar, satellite, buoy, airplane, and the processing capability of data, the understanding for atmosphere, ocean and the physical interactions has been greatly deepened. The refined observation promotes the forecast & prediction capabilities of weather and climate. Under the organizing of WMO, all observation data in relation to weather, climate and water has realized exchanging and sharing across the world. With the support of Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), the supply and application of climate prediction products and information worldwide has been strengthened. At the same time, the scientific conclusions and import fruits of IPCC provide solid support for scientific understanding and the actions of addressing climate change in the world.

China actively participates in the international meteorological science & technology cooperation and set an example for the service of economic-social development. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the meteorological work and the role of meteorology in disaster mitigation and addressing climate change. At present, China has built up weather monitor network, climate service network, and operation systems of climate monitor, prediction, and early warning at national, provincial, prefecture and county levels. The Chinese meteorological departments also carried out the effect assessment of climate change with food, water, ecology, and major projects as well as development of cloud and water resources.

In the new era, how do meteorological departments provide better support for the economic-social development? The answer is to work around weather & climate information service, pay equal attention to avoiding harm & hastening benefit and mitigation & adaptation, and constantly enhance the capability for supporting of addressing climate change and utilizing weather, climate and water. 

We should seriously research the happening patterns, frequency, and space distribution of extreme weather & climate events, accurately predict the extreme weather & climate events and its effects. We should do better service work for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and strengthen the capability of adaption to climate change to ensure the food security. We should enhance the capability of water resources utility and water security and strengthen the weather modification work. As for new energy, meteorological departments should strengthen the development of climate resources, and carry out assessment of wind and solar energy.

Atmosphere goes without borders as well as the tackling efforts for challenges and crisis. Governments should go hand in hand to actively participate in this undertaking, and sow hopes with actions. (Mar. 16)


Author: Dr.Zheng Guoguang

Editor: Kong Yan, Zhang Yong and Hao Jing

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