Tianjin Government and CMA signed agreement for jointly building the meteorological service system of international modern livable city

Source:China Meteorological News Press

On March 7, Tianjin Municipal People¡¯s Government and CMA signed ¡°Agreement for Jointly Building the Meteorological Service System of International Modern Livable City¡± in Beijing. The 2 sides determine to further strengthen the development of Tianjin meteorological undertakings and jointly build the meteorological service system of international modern livable city, improve the comprehensive observation, forecast and service capacities and the scientific research so as to provide excellent service for Tianjin¡¯s developing mode and the construction of Xiaokang Society. Mayor of Tianjin Huang Xingguo, Administrator of CMA Zheng Guoguang and other relevant leaders attended this ceremony.

According to the agreement, to 2015, the 2 sides will build the public meteorological service system, weather forecast system, comprehensive meteorological observation system and technological support system in Tianjin to meet the needs of preventing natural disaster, responding to public emergency and developing climate resource in the process of building the international modern livable city. To 2020, Tianjin will build the proper modern meteorological service system in accordance with the international modern livable city and Tianjin¡¯s meteorological technology, business and service will reach the international advanced level.

The agreement includes 5 projects: the city, traffic and hydrological and meteorological disaster emergency system project, demonstration project of agro-meteorological service, national meteorological science and technology park project, system project for tackling climate change and construction project of grass-root observatories.

The 2 sides will prioritize the agro-meteorological service, promote Tianjin¡¯s modern agro-meteorological service system and meteorological disaster preventive system in rural area. The 2 sides will also deepen the cooperation in tackling climate change, constructing the infrastructure and science and culture facilities. (Mar 8)

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