China's meteorological and secondary disasters have been increasing

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In recent years, China's meteorological disaster change has new conditions and characteristics: on one hand, under the backdrop of global warming, some extreme weather and climate events hit frequently which cause more and more dangerous meteorological disasters. On the other hand, with the socio-economic development, the influences of meteorological disasters show new conditions. When different industries improve the cooperation, the chain effect becomes prominent in the influence and intensity of meteorological disaster. Urbanization brings highly concentration of population and property, which causes severe vulnerability. To meet the needs of people's subsistence and development, resource and environment are destroyed which deepens the meteorological disaster. Therefore, China will face new challenges in terms of disaster prevention and reduction and responding to climate change.

According to the prediction of climate model, in the following 10 to 50 years, China's meteorological disaster and secondary disaster will increase°™°™

Regional flood: in the following decade, heavy rain will increase in general. So China's regional flood may increase. Because the extreme rainfall distributes differently, so the scale of regional flood may extend.

Drought: in the following 1 to 5 decades, China may suffer more periodic droughts and continuous droughts lasting for seasons. The frequency and scale of regional droughts will increase especially in east part of Southwest China, South China, north part of North China and eastern Inner Mongolia.

Heat wave: with temperature rising, the days of heat wave in China will increase. Xinjiang, North China, the Yellow-Huaihe River Valley, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze and south of the Yangtze River may see more extreme heat wave, which may cause the problems of the society, energy and water resource.

Debris flow: in the following decade, influenced by more regional flood, China will get more debris flow risks especially in east part of Northwest China, east part of Southwest China and other geological disaster-hit regions.

In general, China's meteorological disaster will not have an optimistic changing trend. So we should strengthen the weather and climate change monitoring and intensify the research on the mechanism of meteorological disaster, the vulnerability and sensitivity of the whole society in front of meteorological disaster so as to improve the capacities of meteorological disaster risk evaluation and warning. We should also develop the meteorological disaster prevention mechanism under the leadership of Government, the cooperation among departments and the participation of the society. The evaluation of the climate change influences to the vulnerable industries, significant projects and city planning and development should be deepened. The meteorological disaster risk management should be promoted so as to improve the capacity of the whole society to deal with the meteorological disaster risks and adapt the future climate change. (Mar 6)

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