National gathering of meteorological bureau directors sets direction for 2012

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In this morning, the 2012 national meeting for meteorological bureau directors has been opened in Beijing. The meeting first conveyed the important instructions of Vice Premier Hui Liangyu. Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) made a working report with the theme of strengthening reform and innovation, and enhance the four capabilities to welcome the 18th CPC National Congress with excellent meteorological service.

In the instruction with CMA, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu fully confirmed the work of meteorological departments in 2011. He said that in the past year, meteorological departments made effective efforts for the service of weather forecast, disaster mitigation, agrometeorological service, and addressing climate change, which made great contributions to the reform and development of China and the prosperity of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. 

Mr. Hui Liangyu emphasized that meteorological departments should seriously implement the requirement of the central government, actively promote the meteorological modernization, enhance meteorological forecast, meteorological disaster mitigation, service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and addressing climate change, strengthen the public weather service and social management, and enhance the work in grass-root level and harmonious development between regions.


The meeting was attended by all deputy Administrators of CMA and chaired by Deputy Administrator Xu Xiaofeng. 

The tasks of the meeting is to implement the 17th CPC National Congress, the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee, the central economic work meeting, the central rural areas meeting, summarize the work in 2011 and deploy the work in 2012.

In the working report, Zheng Guoguang first looked back the work in 2011. He said that new progresses had been made in implementing the requirement of the central government, enhancing the Four Capabilities (weather forecast, disaster mitigation, climate resources utility and addressing climate change), compiling development plan, promoting Two Systems (the system of agrometeorological service and the disaster mitigation system for rural areas), strengthening meteorological disaster monitor, early warning and information release and others, specifically, including effective work in disaster mitigation and meteorological service, solid promoting of addressing climate change, new development of meteorological operation and reform, new development of meteorological science & technology and talent training, basic level work and harmonious development between regions, meteorological administrative work and scientific management, and party construction and meteorological culture.

The meeting pointed out there were also issues and work to be resolved and promoted in the aspects such as the gap between the need of supporting social-economic development and capabilities of meteorological service, the disharmony between modernization and the quality, structure, and effectiveness of meteorology, capability for disastrous weather and climate, science & technology support and core competitive power, talent work, social management and others.

For the work in 2012, adhering to scientific development, and transforming development pattern, the meeting called meteorological department to aim at enhancing the Four Capabilities, deepening reform and opening up, actively promoting meteorological modernization, enhancing forecast & prediction, disaster prevention & mitigation, service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers and addressing climate change, strengthening public weather service and social management, and enhancing the capability for basic level work and regional harmonious development.

The meeting called all levels of meteorological departments to grasp the strategic opportunity period, actively promote the scientific development and the service for scientific development, adhere to the meteorological modernization road with Chinese characteristics, strengthen science & technology innovation, enhance talent training, and vigorously develop modernization service composed of public weather service, meteorological forecast and integrated observation. The meeting called to enhance the Four Capabilities and made improvement in the construction of the Four First Classes (equipment, technology, talent and observatory & station).

This meeting deployed 8 tasks of 2012. 1st, carefully do the meteorological disaster prevention and reduction work and other services. Pay attention to the public meteorological service especially the meteorological disaster prevention and reduction work. Continue to promote the service for farmers. Strengthen the infrastructure of weather modification and the capacity building of science and technology. 2nd, actively strengthen the pilot work of meteorological modernization. Promote the organization and leadership of this work. Encourage the proper regions to explore and gather experiences so as to lay foundation for the achievement of meteorological modernization in 2020. 3rd, pay attention to the work of tackling climate change and climate resources development. Play the role of technology. Promote the capacity building of responding to extreme climate event and the development of climate resources. 4th, strengthen the construction of modern meteorological business system. Strengthen the development of meteorological service business, the level of meteorological prediction and forecast and intensify the comprehensive meteorological observation foundation. Continue to promote the meteorological data business and information network capacity building. 5th, intensify the meteorological technical innovation and talent development. 6th, continue to deepen the reform and opening-up. Promote the reform of modern weather, climate and observation businesses. Continue to deepen the technological system and personnel system reform. 7th, promote the managing level. Promote the administration of law and social management, strengthen the scientific decision-making and management, promote the coordinated development of regional meteorological business and implement the 12th 5-year plan. 8th, continue to strengthen the Party construction and meteorological culture construction and the meteorological publicity and popular science work.

The meeting conveyed the demands of Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Hui Liangyu.

Representatives and leaders from the provincial bureaus, units and organizations of CMA, the scholars of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering who work in the meteorological department and many other relevant departments attended the meeting.

Relevant leaders from General Office of the State Council, NDRC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries or units attended the meeting.

It is reported that leaders of CMA pay high attention to this meeting. (Jan. 6)

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