Shen Xiaonong pointed out to strengthen the Sino-Africa cooperation
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On November 14, invited by Dr. M Lamine Bah, President of WMO Regional 1 (Africa) association, Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) went to Zimbabwe Victoria Falls to attend the management committee meeting of WMO Regional 1 association.

Members of the management committee of Regional 1 association include the president and vice president of Regional 1 association, other members of the executive council of Regional 1 association and leaders of all the working teams. The main task is to make plan and supervise the implementation of the plans and activities decided by the session in the adjournment of the Regional 1 association session. This session will deliberate on the decisions of the 16th World Meteorological Conference and the implementation in Africa and issue the formulation of 2011-2014 operation plan of Regional 1 based on the strategic plan.

In the statement, Shen Xiaonong said that weather, climate and water played an important role in the society and economy. Africa was the most vulnerable place in tackling climate change whose natural disasters were connected with meteorology and hydrology. Therefore, the development of African meteorological and hydrological departments was significant. According to the analysis of African regional strategic plan, this development was facing challenges such as technology, recognition of the policy-makers, fund, human resources and infrastructure. In addition, the joint efforts of African meteorological and hydrological departments and the support of the international organizations were also important.

Shen Xiaonong said that the friendship between China and Africa enjoyed a long history. China was willing to sharing the experiences on meteorological modernization construction with the African countries. Meanwhile, China appealed all WMO members and international units to understand the urgent demands of African meteorological undertakings and make real contributions.

Last but not least, Shen Xiaonong expressed that China and African countries were developing countries, so we should seek mutual beneficial cooperation. In the framework of the guidance of WMO and coordination of regional associations, CMA was willing to strengthen the cooperation with Africa in terms of WIGOS, WIS, GFCS, disaster prevention and reduction capacity construction, especially the human resources development.

This session will close on November 16 of the local time. (Nov 16)

Editor Kong Yan

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