Zheng Guoguang attended the 4th session of UN Secretary General High Level Panel on global sustainability
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The 4th session of UN Secretary General High Level Panel on global sustainability was held in the UN Headquarters of New York from September 18 to 19. As member of the panel, Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration attended this session.


The past sessions was held in New York of Beijing, Cape Town of South Africa and Helsinki of Finland. Presently, the framework and general idea of the report of high-level panel have been defined. The theme of this session was to discuss and amend the 1st draft of the report and then deploy the later tasks.


When discussing in the meeting, Zheng Guoguang pointed out that the report of this panel should stick to the principle of “fair and just, open and cooperative, win-win situation” and try the best to promote the economic growth, social development and environment protection. He stressed that the report should further focus on the demands of the developing countries, regard reducing poverty as the key task of developing green economy and help the developing countries to face the challenges and risks of the green economy transformation, especially avoid the trade protectionism and other requirements attached to develop green economy. He elaborated on the importance of strengthening the international cooperation and assistance in the field of funds, technology, capacity construction and achieving the inclusive growth. He also proposed his opinions on the amendments of the 1st draft in details and reported the condition of the Asian Regional Expert meeting on global sustainability, which was held on August 30.

In August of 2010, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon established High Level Panel on global sustainability with 22 members. The panel aims to form report on reducing poverty, protecting environment, promoting the global socio-economic sustainability and other hot issues. The report will be submitted to the UN Conference on Sustainability. The suggestions of the report will shape the future development of the international community.


On September 17, before attended the meeting, Zheng Guoguang visited Li Baodong, Permanent Representative of China to the UN. They exchanged views on global sustainability, tackling climate change and other hot topics. (Sep 20)

Editor Kong Yan

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