International workshop on urban weather and climate: observation and modeling kicked off in Beijing
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On July 12, sponsored by the Commission of Urban Meteorology of the Chinese Meteorological Society and the Board on the urban Environment of American Meteorological Society and hosted by Institute of Urban Meteorological, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Beijing Meteorological Society, “International workshop on urban weather and climate: observation and modeling kicked off in Beijing”. Over 100 meteorological experts and scholars from 15 countries and regions attend this workshop.

With the development of global urbanization, the demands of urban meteorological service have been increasing rapidly. This workshop aims to strengthen the cooperation between Chinese meteorological staff and the foreign counterparts, arrange the latest research progress in the urban meteorology and preview the research priority in the future. The 4-day workshop will further discuss the questions in the field of urban weather and climate research such as urban heat island, energy and water cycle and etc. This workshop will provide a platform for the representatives to exchange their views, strengthen the understanding of the influence of urban climate change so as to promote the development of observation and modeling.

It is reported that although the history of China’s research on urban climate is not long, China has achieved a lot of progresses in recent years. To meet the demand of the subject of urban meteorology, the Chinese Meteorological Society organized he Commission of Urban Meteorology in 2002 to promote the exchange of urban meteorological service technologies and research results, explore the academic growth points between atmospheric science and other subjects and widen the scale of modern meteorological service. (Jul 12)

Editor Kong Yan


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