Yu Rucong led the Chinese delegation to visit the US

Source:China Meteorological News Press

From May 2 to 12, Deputy Administrator of CMA Yu Rucong led the Chinese meteorological delegation to visit the US and exchanged views on the design, research, operation and maintenance management of the ground automatic observation system and the application of observational data with the US colleagues.


In the morning of May 4, Ms Mary Kicza, Director of National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service of NOAA met Yu Rucong and the members of the Chinese delegation. She welcomed the visit of the Chinese delegation and expected China and the US to strengthen the cooperation in the meteorological observation including the satellite observation. Yu Rucong expressed his gratitude to Ms Mary Kicza and conveyed the greeting of Administrator Zheng Guoguang. At the same time, he introduced the developing condition of the comprehensive meteorological observation system in recent years.

During the visit, the Chinese delegation went to visit National Weather Service Headquarters, Sterling Research/Development Center, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, National Climatic Data Center, Central Region HQS, NWS Training Center, National reconditioning Center and National Logistics Supply Center. The 2 sides exchanged views on the design, operation, Maintenance of security, personnel training and the application of the observational data of the US Automated Surface Observing System and Climate Reference Network.

Six members of the Chinese delegation came from CMA Department of Integrated Observation, CMA Meteorological Observation Center and CMA Foreign Affairs Service Center. In this visit, the 2 sides discussed a lot of technological issues. The Chinese members studied the experiences of the US on the business operation, personnel training and other aspects, which will be useful for promoting the development of Chinese automatic surface observing system and further playing the effect of the observing system. (May 15)

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