Chapter VI Exploitation and Protection of Climatic Resources


    Article 32 The competent meteorological department under the State Council is in charge of the overall survey and zoning of climatic resources nationwide, coordinates efforts in climate monitoring, analysis and assessment and in the monitoring of the atmosphere composition that may cause climate deterioration, and issues, at regular intervals, bulletins on climatic status. 

    Article 33 Local people's governments at or above the county level shall, in light of the characteristics of the local climatic resources, draw up plans for the fields of endeavor in which to exploit the climatic resources and for the key climatic resources to be protected. 

    Local competent meteorological departments shall, on the basis of the plans drawn up by the people's governments at the corresponding levels, make proposals to the said people's governments and relevant departments at the corresponding levels regarding the exploitation and protection of climatic resources and the extensive application of positive results yielded from the zoning of climatic resources. 

    Article 34 Competent meteorological departments at all levels shall arrange for climatic feasibility studies relating to city planning, key national construction projects, major regional economic development projects and large projects for the exploitation of climatic resources such as solar and wind energy. 

    When assessing the impact of construction projects on atmospheric environment, qualified for making the units that are such assessment shall use the meteorological data which are provided or examined by the competent meteorological departments.

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