Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions
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    Article 41 For the purpose of this Law, the definitions of the following terms are:
     (1) Meteorological facilities include meteorological observation instrumentation, transmission devices dedicated to meteorological information and specialized large meteorological equipment.  
    (2) Meteorological observation means systematic observation and measurement of the atmospheric physical processes, phenomena and chemical properties in the atmosphere and surface layer by scientific and technological means.  
    (3) Environs for meteorological observation mean the minimum surrounding space away from any interference, a space that is essential for ensured acquisition of accurate meteorological observation information by means of observation facilities. 
    (4) Meteorological disasters include disasters caused by typhoon, rainstorm (snowstorm) , cold wave, strong wind (sandstorm and/or duststorm), low temperature, high temperature, drought, thunderstorm and lightning, hail, frost and fog. 
    (5)Weather modification refers to efforts aimed at rain or snow enhancement, hail suppression, rain suppression, fog dispersal, frost prevention by exerting, under appropriate conditions, artificial influence on local atmospheric physical and chemical processes through scientific and technological means, in order to avert or mitigate meteorological disasters and rationally exploit climatic resources.
    Article 42 Specific administrative measures governing the scope, items and charges for paid meteorological services provided by meteorological offices or stations and other units shall be formulated by the State Council in accordance with the provisions of this Law. 

    Article 43 Administrative measures governing the meteorological work in the Chinese people’s Liberation Army shall be formulated by the Central Military Commission. 

    Article 44 Where differences in provisions are found between an international treaty on meteorological activities concluded or acceded to by the People's Republic of China and this Law, the provisions contained in the international treaty shall prevail, with the exception of the clauses on which the People's Republic of China has expressed reservations.

    Article 45 This Law shall go into effect as of January 1, 2000. The Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Meteorological Services promulgated by the State Council on August 18. 1994 shall be annulled as of the same date. 

    Members working in the competent meteorological departments at different levels of meteorological offices or stations subordinate to the departments who neglect their duties and consequently fail to make important public meteorological forecast or to send out severe weather warning or make wrong forecast or send out wrong warning, or who lose or damage the raw meteorological observation data or fabricate meteorological data shall be given administrative sanctions in accordance with law. If they cause heavy losses to State interests or people's lives or property, which is serious enough to constitute a crime, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with law. 






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