Teachers and students of Beijing Saudi Arabian School visited CMA 03月22日 16:02
Meteorological service conference for national torrential project construction was held 03月22日 10:28
Meteorological departments suggest seizing favourable opportunity to sow and farm 03月22日 10:02
Strong cold air will influence most places of China 03月22日 08:47
China government allocates 33 million Yuan for rain enhancement 03月21日 17:37
CMA starts research on persistently abnormal weather 03月21日 10:09
Chinese experts equipped CMACast and MICAPS system for Laos 03月21日 11:20
Strong cold air to hit central and eastern China 03月21日 09:02
The senior workshop on development and utilization of national climate resource kicked off in Yantai 03月20日 16:26
CMA starts meteorological service for grassland fire of spring 03月20日 14:09
Northwest China will experience strong wind, temperature drop and dust of wind 03月20日 09:02
Activities held nationwide to mark World Meteorological Day 03月19日 15:27
Rain will sustain in southern China 03月19日 09:39
Strong cold air will influnece Xinjiang and its northwest area 03月19日 08:47
Zheng Guoguang participates in the open activities with the public 03月18日 17:07
Message of Zheng Guoguang on World Meteorological Day 2012 03月16日 16:39
CMA starts "Meteorological science popularization in the community" 03月18日 16:22
CMA opens to celebrate the World Meteorological Day after snowfall 03月18日 11:03
Cold air to grip N China as continuous rain hits south regions of Huai River 03月16日 08:46
Cold wave and heavy fog to hit China together 03月17日 09:34
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