National Satellite Meteorological Center

    The National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC) is an auxiliary organ of China Meteorological Administration. NSMC is responsible for receiving, processing the data of Chinese and foreign meteorological satellites, and distributing the data and information products to users for application. Other responsibilities include establishing the ground segment of the Chinese meteorological satellite observation system, conducting applied research in satellite meteorology, making plans and programs for developing Chinese meteorological satellite system based on the national requirements. 

    After years of development, NSMC has possessed the ability to handle data of both polar-orbiting and geostationary meteorological satellites. Meanwhile, the scope of NSMC's responsibility has extended to detecting the hazardous space phenomenon. Fulfillment of this task involves use of space detection data from meteorological satellites, study of parameters that describe the space environment and its change over time. These efforts can lead to the establishment of a system that will monitor the space weather and issue alarms on space hazards. The system, with its information services, is considered to be helpful not only in protecting the human life on the earth, but also in preventing space-flight accidents, or analyzing the cause if such an accident does happen. 

    Starting from receiving and utilizing foreign meteorological satellites'data, NSMC actively works on developing the Chinese meteorological satellites. On September 7, 1988, September 3, 1990, May 10, 1999 and on May 15, 2002, four polar orbiting meteorological satellites of FY-1 series were launched successfully. On June 10, 1997 and on June 25, 2000, two geostationary meteorological satellites of FY-2 series were put into orbit. The data processing center in Beijing and the ground receiving stations in Beijing, Guangzhou and Urumqi are working day and night to provide FY satellite's data for the meteorological services and for other social and economic departments. Meteorological satellite data is playing an important role in weather forecasts, climate research, environment management, and in natural disaster monitoring .It has brought about remarkable social and economic benefits in China. 

    According to the plan for the Chinese meteorological satellite development approved by the State Council, three FY-2 satellites will be launched before 2010, the ground application system will also be renovated and improved accordingly. Currently, the research and manufacturing work have been carried out for the three geo-stationary satellites. The research and development for FY-3, the second generation of Chinese polar-orbiting meteorological satellite, is on the way. The application system for FY-3 will be designed and constructed to meet the requirement of FY-3 satellite, in order to receive, process and distribute data of this new satellite.

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