China Meteorological Administration Training Centre

    The China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC), an essential component of the basic meteorological operations, offers higher education and training, meteorological continued education and on-the-job training in particular. The Center provides continued education to mid and high level management officials and intermediate and senior technical officers in the meteorological field to meet the need for human resources, high-level in particular. Moreover, it provides training on the extension and application of new and high technologies related to meteorological operations, training for instructors as well as training on the international meteorological context. It also produces meteorological training materials and guides meteorological training centers at provincial level. 

    The Training Center, formerly called the Beijing Meteorological College established in 1955, has a history of over 40 years. At the beginning, it was a special or technical secondary school. In 1960, it was renamed the Beijing Technical Secondary School of Meteorology. In 1984, it was renamed the Beijing Meteorological College. On 20 January 1999, the College was re-organized as the China Meteorological Administration Training Center. 


    The Center has a staff of 168, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 professors, 35 associate professors and 62 holders of intermediate professional title. In addition, the Center has developed a roster of part-time teachers. Domestic and international scholars are appointed as part-time or honorary professors. It takes place every year that foreign experts are invited to come to the Center for lecturing, collaboration and exchanges. 


    Thanks to its rich experience, the Center is in a position to offer continued education and on-the-job training of various types, levels and sizes. Some regular training courses have become main component of continued education and on-the-job training, namely Advanced Seminar for Management Officials, Advanced Workshop for Engineers, Workshop for Officials at Division Level, Intensive Course on Advanced English, Workshop on Application of Meteorological Satellite Data and Products, Workshop on Principles and Application of New Generation Weather Radar, and Workshop on Major Projects under Meteorological Modernization Program. Seminars or workshops on sandstorm monitoring technology, focused climate issues, desertification control, drought preparedness, management of sustainable agricultural development, and urban environmental meteorology are also run in response to the expanding meteorological operations and services. The New Tech Laboratory for Weather Forecast, Multimedia Center and Live Broadcasting Classroom for Distance Learning have begun to take shape. Leveraging on the advantages in geographic location, human resources, technology and equipment and based on the public nets and CMA's satellite telecommunication network, CMATC will boast a unique, meteorologically oriented distance learning system. Modern teaching techniques shall be pursued, and teaching packets shall be developed for distance and multimedia purpose. The video live broadcasting system shall be used to train meteorological operators and managers working in weather stations and offices across China. 


    In 2000, a five-year plan as well as a 15-year outlook were prepared by and for CMATC. Based on science and technology, the Training Center will build up its capacity further with an attempt to be internationally advanced and domestically first-class. It will beef up its teaching staff, distance learning and multimedia-based training. It will operate a sophisticated campus telecommunication web and integrated information system to upgrade the information acquisition and application. It will improve the training environment by introducing desired labs, facilities, teachers and mechanism to meet all kinds of requirements and challenges.

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