Chinese Meteorological Society

 Business scope: 
    First, the China Meteorological Society (CMS) aims to carry out meteorological technology exchange, enliven academic thought, promote subject development and push forward independent innovation.   

    Second, according to the law of Popularization of Science and Technology of the People s Republic of China the CMS has duty to carry forward scientific spirit, popularize meteorological knowledge, spread scientific method, defend the dignity of science, popularize advanced technologies and enhance the overall scientific and cultural quality of Chinese people.   


    Third, CMS is responsible for carrying out and providing related decision-making service, putting forward policy suggestions, carrying out technology consultation and service for the development of technology, economy and society.    

    Forth, under the commission of the concerned departments and units the CMS will carry out argumentation and evaluation of the meteorological technological policy, planning and science research program, appraisal of meteorological technology fruits, award assessment and technological professional title appraisal and review and the review of technology standard. 

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