CMA Public Weather Service Center

Major missions: 

    First, the CMA Public Weather Service Center (PWSC) is in charge of making national public meteorological service product and issuing public meteorological service information to national media. PWSC is also responsible for releasing meteorological information early warning and early warning information service for meteorological guarantee for emergent public events.    

    Second, PWSC is in charge of instructing on public meteorological service of national meteorological departments and participating in the making of the development planning of all kinds of national media public meteorological service. PWSC is also responsible for collecting and sharing of the public meteorological information and plays a leading role in the construction of the national public meteorological service platform.     

    Third, PWSC is in charge of running and administrating of China weather TV and construction and administration of portal website of CMA public weather service, China agriculture net and China meteorological radio station.  

    Forth, PWSC undertakes the planning and making of related popular science programs and feature programs. 

    Fifth, PWSC is responsible for the effectiveness evaluation and satisfaction survey, carrying out research, technology development and exchange and cooperation work on public meteorological service and undertaking the development and popularization of the critical public meteorological service technologies. 

    Sixth, PWSC is in charge of Huafeng Group and other companies.

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