Shen Xiaonong attended the 4th session of the management group of Regional II
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The 4th session of the management group of Regional II (Asia) was held in Doha of Qatar from February 29 to March 2. On behalf of Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of CMA and member of this management group, Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of CMA attended this session.

This session discussed the subjects including the activities of the secondary organizations of Regional II, the implementation of the strategic plan for strengthening the meteorological and hydrological departments of different countries from 2009 to 2011, the contributions of Regional II to WMO from 2012 to 2015, the preparations for Regional II 15th assembly and regional seminar and etc.

In the session, Shen Xiaonong stressed that Regional II has a large population, large scale, various cultures, different levels of economic development and meteorological services in different levels, which caused a lot of challenges when implementing the plans and activities of WMO. As for this complex condition, Shen Xiaonong put forward constructive suggestions.

In Doha, Shen Xiaonong met Zhang Zhiliang, China ambassador to Qatar. Shen Xiaonong introduced the condition of this session and China’s contributions to WMO.

During the session, invited by Abdul Rahim bin Salem Al-Harmi, permanent representative of Oman to WMO, Shen Xiaonong and Abdul Rahim bin Salem Al-Harmi exchanged views on the bilateral communications in terms of radar, meteorological satellite, warning system of different kinds of disasters and etc. (Mar 5)


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