CMA and MONRE singed meeting summary to strengthen cooperation in 7 fields
来源:China Meteorological News Press     发布时间: 2012年02月28日 14:37:00


Today, on behalf of both sides, Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Mr. Tran Hong Ha, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Vietnam, signed a meeting summary of the tenth joint working group meeting on cooperation in the field of meteorological science and technology between CMA and MONRE. According to the meeting summary, CMA and MONRE will deepen cooperation in 7 fields to enhance the meteorological service capabilities of both countries. Ambassador of Vietnam to China attended the signing ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zheng Guoguang expressed that with linked mountains and rivers and similar cultures, China and Vietnam have similar weather and climate patterns. The cooperation in 7 fields will play an important role for promoting the meteorological undertakings. Since 1950s, both countries had carried out cooperation, which should be well summarized and laid good foundation for exchanging and enhancing service levels in China and Vietnam. 

Tran Hong Ha said the long term cooperation will promote the economic and social development in both countries. He hoped to take advantage of experience and deepen cooperation projects.

Both sides agreed 7 fields for further cooperation and exchange including weather forecast, meteorological information exchange, exchange and joint research in neighboring regions, talent training, exchange of meteorological measurement appraisal, service organization and management, Asian climate prediction and climate change assessment. (Feb. 28)
Reporter Sun Nan
Editor Zhang Yong

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