International workshop on severe and convective weather held in Beijing
来源:China Meteorological News Press     发布时间: 2011年07月07日 16:58:00

An international workshop on severe and convective weather was held in Beijing from July 5 to 7. 

The workshop provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss all aspects of severe and convective weather including but not limited to supercells and mesocyclones, mesoscale convective systems, tornadoes, and tornadogenesis, data assimilation and predictability of severe weather, and feedbacks of convection to larger scales of motion.

The keynotes speakers come from USA, UK and China such as Prof. Robert Houze of University of Washington, Prof. David Schultz of University of Manchester, Prof. Paul Markowski and Prof. Fuqing Zhang of Penn State University.

The workshop is sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather (LaSW) of Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and co-sponsored by Peking University, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and Pennsylvania State University. (Jul. 7)
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