Zheng Guoguang met with American, British and Vietnamese delegations during 16th World Meteorological Congress
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Zheng Guoguang met with John Hirst

Zheng Guoguang met with Vietnamese delegation


On May 25, Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), met with the delegations from America, UK and Vietnam during the 16th World Meteorological Congress.

Zheng Guoguang and John Hayes, Administrator of National Weather Service (NWS) of America, reviewed the recent cooperation and exchanged the views for the topics of this congress. They also talked about Sino-US meteorological communication circuit, import of mainframe computer,etc.

When met with British Chief Executive of the Met Office John Hirst, Zheng Guoguang introduced the general situation of the CMA and highly praised the achievement which the Met Office made in the aspects of weather forecast, climate forecasting and volcanic ash forecasting. John Hirst said, CMA had many strengths on satellite observation, information system, etc. The both sides could cooperate on many areas, learn, and benefit from each other. He suggested that the both sides define and strengthen the further cooperation.

When met with Tran Hong Ha, Vice Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam, Zheng Guoguang said China and Vietnam faced many common meteorological disasters. He stressed that it was important for both sides to exchange real-time weather material and suggested setting up provincial meteorological consultation mechanism. Tran Hong Ha highly praised the cooperation between two sides and hoped China to give support on talent training, weather forecast and others. (May 26)
Reporter Qian Xin and Fan Qiudan
Editor Hao Jing

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