World Meteorological Congress reappoints Mr Michel Jarraud as Secretary-General
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Geneva (WMO), 24 May 2011 - The World Meteorological Congress today reappointed Mr Michel Jarraud for another four-year term as Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Mr Jarraud was appointed in the first round of voting by the Organization’s supreme body, at its current – sixteenth session (16 May to 3 June 2011). The Congress meets every four years to determine the strategic plan, programmes, budget and office holders of the Organization.

Priorities being discussed include a proposed Global Framework for Climate Services designed to help countries – especially the most vulnerable – manage risks associated with climate variability and climate change; strengthening the WMO’s disaster risk reduction program; improved observation and information systems; aeronautical meteorology; and reinforcing capacity-building in developing countries.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Jarraud said that much progress had been made in meeting challenges such as climate variability and change, disaster prevention, and capacity-building among priorities set upon taking office. But much more remained to be done. “A long road remains ahead of us,” he said.

He described his reappointment as a sign of confidence in the entire WMO Secretariat.

Mr Jarraud (France) has been Secretary-General since 2004, after joining WMO Secretariat as Deputy Secretary-General in January 1995, Mr Jarraud devoted part of his career to the internationally reknown European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). He was appointed Deputy Director of the Centre in 1991 having been Director of the Operational Department since 1990.  From September 1978 to December 1985, he was a researcher in numerical weather prediction at the ECMWF. Mr Jarraud started his career with Météo-France, as a researcher (September 1976 - August 1978). He joined the French National Meteorological Service again in January 1986 as Director of the national Weather Forecasting Department, until December 1989. (May 25)
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